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Incest 50

The Incet FanFiction Challenge

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Welcome to incest50. This challenge, like many
others, is claimed based with 100 prompts on one table. Created by animaginarymind.

The difference? Your claim has to be incest- only siblings
allowed and up to five people per claim

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Prompt Table
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  1. Please post your stories behind an lj-cut no matter what the length is

  2. No Flaming people. Constructive criticism is allowed though

  3. Your claims have to be pairings

  4. Please try and post every two to three months but if you can't that's
    fine but just let me know at
    or at this post

  5. If you can't finish a claim let us know so someone else can claim it
  6. All stories must have the following information but feel free to add
    anything else


What are we allowed to claim?

You can claim any pairing as long as they're siblings. No parent/child,
grandparent/child or aunt/nephew etc. claims are allowed

Can I use original characters or RPF?

sure go ahead but like I mentioned before they have to be siblings. Real
People Fiction- sure go ahead.

Is there a time limit?

Nope. But do try and post every two-three months

Can I use old stories?

No more than ten because then it wouldn't be a challenge would it?

Can I work with a partner?

Yes but no more than three people to a writing partnership

How many people can claim the same thing?

Up to five people/writing partnerships per claim

What happens when I'm done?

Post here and you'll get a nice shining banner to display proudly


001. Home 002. Holiday 003. School 004. Work 005. Engagement
006. Wedding 007. Anniversary 008. Family 009. Ridicule 010. Acceptance
011. Playful 012. Sex 013. Kink 014. Library 015. Shopping Mall
016. Bathroom 017. Food 018. Motorbike 019. Car 020. Park
021. Date 022. Set-up 023. Role-play 024. Pregnancy 025. Reality
026. Fantasy 027. Betrayal 028. Kiss 029. Death 030. Life
031. Birth 032. Child 033. Parent 034. Sibling 035. Truth
036. Lies 037. Secret 038. Deception 039. Threesome 040. Cheat
041. Forgiveness 042. Cult 043. Messenger 044. Separation 045. Together
046. Childhood Friend 047. Fire 048. Writers Choice 049. Writers Choice 050. Writers Choice

The Code for the table


miamichallenge, 20cars, horatioryan, horatiomac, miaminynonstop.