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The Gay Club

Title: The Gay Club Author: my_sam_dean Fandom Supernatural Rating; R Summary: Sam and Dean go to a club. Disclaimer:I own nothing Supernatural. Warnings: slash, incest Prompt: 13 - kink Hunt finished, the Winchesters were allowed to just unwind. Having a gay club nearby was a real treat, which meant Dean decided he had to go. In turn, Sam had no way out of going because there was no way he was going to send Dean out on his own. He might not be the most jealous man, but he didn't want anyone else dancing with Dean. After Dean finished laughing at Sam for being suck a stick in the mud, he talked him into getting a steak supper before going out. Alcohol could be a dangerous thing on an empty stomach and Dean wanted to be able to drink and unwind once they made it to the club. Sam tried to drag his feet at supper. Dean, as usual, inhaled his food. Then, he asked Sam if he was going to finish his plate. The younger brother wrapped an arm around his meal and Dean took the hint. The dark building had laser lights cutting through the blackness. The strobe lights made it difficult to clearly see anything, which was the point with the almost obscene dancing going on. The air in the club was humid. The pulsating music was too loud to talk over. Sam and Dean didn't need words, they knew each other too well. All those years of sparring, hunting and living in close quarters made them able to read each other's every move. One drink. Two drinks. Sam was feeling fine. He was ready to dance and dragged Dean out on the floor. Dean smiled at Sam's being a lightweight and was thankful for the fact at that point. A drunk Sammy was a clingy one. He left no space between them as he began to grind his pelvis against Dean's. Making sure to keep Sam upright, Dean returned the gesture. When it got too warm, they took off their shirts and tucked them in the back of their jeans. The shirts accentuated their movements. Some patrons stopped to watch them writhe. The couple was oblivious to their audience. Dean needed Sam. It was as simple as that. He held Sam's cheek as he kissed him and slid his tongue inside. Sam was a good dancer, but Dean was an even better kisser. They stopped moving their feet and let their lips convey their passion. Not so quiet moans and groans were covered up by the pounding beat. The folks whose attention they caught earlier still stared. Some wished they were in Sam or Dean’s position. Others grabbed the person next to them and started their own entertainment. Breathing the same air and lost in sensations, the pair had created their own little world. Their lives existed with monsters, curses and demons. It was only fair that they had some pleasurable things, too. Everyone could just see bits and pieces of their relationship from the outside looking in. Their wild imaginations filled in the blanks. That's what the sight of two hot boys in love will do.
Tags: author:my_sam_dean, pairing:sam winchester/dean winchester, prompt: 13-kink, rating: r, tv:supernatural
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